Juli Jana has painted from her early years exploring the visual in her surroundings whether landscape or cityscape.

She studied art under Jack Lugg in East London in South Africa and in the UK at Morley College and Mary Ward College.

Shapes, lines, abstract forms, sometimes with a reference to realism, form the basis of her work in small and large compositions. Colour and tone are presented in their stark intensity or in subtle variations. As with Mark Rothko, colour in itself can be a theme.

She works in oils, acrylics and various printing methods. Her graphic work encompasses etchings, collographs, lithographs and monoprints.

juli Jana has had a number of solo shows in South Africa and in England where she studied graphics. She has participated in various group shows both with printmakers and painters.

juli Jana invites the spectator to be a participant in a vibrant, visual experience. Her work has a lyrical, poetical quality and fluidity of expression, lending itself to interpretation. For her ART is an experience to share.