One on One Coaching

TRUE VALUES – Coach juli

  1. You are Spiritual.
  2. You Relate to others.
  3. You create continually.
  4. You Contribute.


  • To be Spiritual – relate to God, to your; be passionate.
  • To relate – to family, connected, community.
  • To Catalyze – Move forward; free others.
  • To Create – invent, design.
  • To feel- energy flow.
  • To teach – to uplift.
  • To contribute- to minister to.
  • To win – to accomplish.
  • Be sensitive – support, perceive.
  • Pleasure – have fun.

Why is this Important?

  1. a) We are spiritual beings (body and spirit).
  2. b) We connect spiritually with God.
  3. c) Whe spiritual brings happiness.
  4. d) It gives direction.

Who am I?

A spiritual person who relates to God and others. I talk about God and spiritual matters with those who are with me on it. I encourage, uplift and minister to others in word or action. I likewise receive from others. I am connected to God and others.

How do I honour myself in this value?

I am happy to share thoughts with others. I see the good in others and myself as well as in the process of overcoming obstacles. I have led spiritual initiatives in the past.

How am I not honouring myself?

I need to create more quiet time and be more aware of others around me, to be more connected.

I am an artist, poet/writer, coach, parent and am making decisions daily in a creative manner.

The process of Creating:

  1. a) See things differently.
  2. b) Use imagination, inventive.
  3. c) Have fun and be inquisitive – life is exciting and enjoyable.
  4. d) See challenges a way of leading to fulfilment.

Image credit – acooletchic