There is wonderment in every age. Curiosity is about the next decade, enjoyment is about the here and now. The Spice of life is sprinkled throughout. Laughter and tears equals tears and laughter. We all age. Blow out the candles on the birthday cake, others share the enjoyment Try to remember birthdays, if you don’t celebrate anytime jJ

time & tide

when you’re 100 there is no more counting
only wonderment at the birthdays that have not yet arrived

when you’re 90 all the world is a birthday
have your cake & eat it daily

when you’re 80 time has forgotten to stand still
neither does it move forward enjoy the tide

when you’re 70 time has pushed you forward
from three score & ten no more worries

when you’re 60 time has become irrelevant
have a bottle of wine from the cellar drink up

when you’re 50 & you happen to be a male watch out
you have already improved with age & could start turning to vinegar

when you’re 40 & you happen to be a woman you can start bragging
your age will impress as well as entice

when you’re 30 keep calm you’re only 30
time stands still you will be talking as an adult

when you’re 20 it is no longer acceptable to spit on your birthday cake
chin up next year you will only get one candle to blow out

when you’re 10 one size fits all
even hugs it is only kisses that differ

when you’re 1 it is the start of the journey of time
this is the great leveler no knowledge of achievements to be gained or lost
juli Jana


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